Configure shared VPN connection on Windows

In this tutorial you will set up shared VPN connection from Windows to other devices that are not able to connect to VPN on their own.

At beginning you need to make sure that you have correctly configured default VPN connection. OpenVpn is not supported by default. So you need to be sure that you are using default VPN connection supported by Windows.

In order to correctly set up connection please follow our tutorial

Assuming that you have correctly configured VPN connection

1. Go to the control panel (Start, Control Panel)

2. Go to Network and Internet

3. Click on "Connect to a network" (second option in Network and Sharing Center)

4. Now right click on VPN connection and go to Properties.

5. Navigate to Sharing and tick "Allow other network users to connect..."

6. Now it's very important step. You need to choose a network connection which is not in use. If you are connected to your ISP through "Local area connection" you have to choose "Local area connection 2". Remember - you cannot share connection which is used to connect to the internet.

For example

If you have two network cards in your computer and you are using one for internet connection you can use second card to share VPN connection. If you are using Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet you need to use Ethernet connection (cable) for shared VPN connection.

7. You will be asked to restart your VPN connection.

8. Now simply connect your device to use VPN.