How to use SecurityKISS Tunnel

You don't need to register or remember any passwords. Using SecurityKISS Tunnel on Windows is as easy as these three steps:

After installing and starting the program you can see your client ID, SecurityKISS news, usage meter and navigation panel:

After clicking 'Connect'...

...the program connects to one of the SecurityKISS secure servers:

When the program connects successfully to the server you can see:

From now, all other programs use the encrypted tunneled connection. If you need to send something outside of the tunnel, you can click 'Pause' instead of disconnecting and reconnecting again. The'Pause' action is immediate whereas reconnecting takes some time.

By clicking on 'Resume' you return to using the secure tunnel:

You can also completely disconnect from the tunnel:

and change the destination server:

You can find SecurityKISS program shortcuts on the desktop and in the task bar when it is running:

When you click the 'x' (top right corner button) the program is minimized to the icon tray but is not closed:

If you need to close the program, select 'Action->Exit':

Or right click on the SecurityKISS tray icon and then select 'Exit':

If you need to connect automatically when the program starts, check the 'Autoconnect on start' box:

The 'Autoreconnect' option will attempt to reconnect to the tunnel if the connection was dropped accidentally:

If the standard tunneled connection is not sufficient and you want to protect against accidental data loss, you can enable Exclusive Tunneling:

You can also double check to see if your IP address was replaced by clicking the Geolocation button and viewing your IP location on the map: